So I’m Kieran and i set up this site after I finished uni out of desperate boredom. I wanted to use it as a review site so that I’d be encouraged to keep up with releases and to maybe improve my writing skill. I never really publicised it because I never really figured out how to write well.

Jump to my present, its September 2017 and I’m sat in a hostel in Adelaide trying to re-purpose this site into a travel blog. After saving up at home for a full year I decided I would set off on my own on an Australian working holiday visa. Since leaving, old friends have been pestering me to know what’s been going on. Rather than spamming social media or answering everyone individually I thought it’d be better to splurge it all on here.

So that’s what this is, a very infrequently updated blog of the various things I found funny and/or interesting on my travels, with a few blurry pictures thrown in for good measure.